Mysteries of the Head & Heart Explained

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  • Author: J. Stanley Grimes

    Publication date: 1875

    Country: United States

    Language: English

    Publisher: W.B. Keen, Cooke & Co.

    Binding: paperback

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    • In 1832, Johann Gaspar Spurzheim toured the United States to promote the practice of phrenology. Among the people attending his lecture in Boston was a young lawyer named James Stanley Grimes (1807-1903). Impressed by Spurzheim’s field of knowledge, he decided to study phrenology himself. In 1839, Stanley Grimes published A New System of Phrenology where he proposed a classification system that established three types of cerebral organs: ipseal, social, and intellectual. In a later book, he postulated that there was a direct connection between phrenology and geology, or between brain structure and geological changes. Likewise, he proposed a theory of evolution based on natural selection, which came out eight years before Charles Darwin’s On the origin of species. During the second half of the 19th century, J. Stanley Grimes published two additional books on phreno-physiology: The Mysteries of Human Nature Explained by a New System of Nervous Physiology (1857) and The Mysteries of the Head and the Heart Explained (1875).

    • Dickens uses literal translations of French idioms for characters who cannot speak English, such as "What the devil do you do in that galley there?!!" and "Where is my wife? ---Here you see me." The Penguin Classics edition of the novel notes that "Not all readers have regarded the experiment as a success.".

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