Gods and Devils on Mankind

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  • Author: Frank Dobbins

    Publication date: 1897

    Country: United Kingdom

    Language: English

    Publisher: M.J. Coghlin, London (1897)

    Binding: paperback

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    • This rare 1897 antique book is an illustrated 19th-century examination of the pagan gods, devils, demons and evil spirits worshipped by mankind throughout the ages — “the whole dark picture," as the author puts it. This groundbreaking study — one of the first of its kind — also covers idols, temples, shrines and, sacred places, incantations, sacrifices, customs, legends and myths. It was published in the same decade as Frazer’s "Golden Bough." GODS AND DEVILS OF MANKIND is an important and hard-to-find work, one which will no doubt prove its value again and again to anyone interested in the study of comparative religions, anthropology, or magic and the occult.

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Budget $50- $500, Occult